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Start Time: March 11, 2024, 00:00 (UTC)

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Titan Huygens Testnet

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Titan’s ultimate vision is to become the one-stop-shop platform for DePIN services both on the contributor and consumer side.



Project Description: EMC is the leading AI DePIN in AI+Web3, bridging the gap between compute power networks and AI (d)apps. EMC jointly released the world's first GPU.

Service Scenario:Provide a full set of decentralized data storage solutions for EMC (AI track ARB Layer2).


Project Description: BDNFT is a pioneering music copyright NFT platform.

Service Scenario: Web Hosting through Titan Server - Less Titan Container undertakes the commercial operation of the whole website of Beduo Music (front and back-end interface + API interface, forum, H5, and the whole website NFT metadata), and provides a full range of website hosting services for Beduo Music (a pioneering music


Project Description: RADIX is an one-stop technology protocol public chain in the field of DeFi.

Service Scenario: RADIX top verification node support. KaiYuanEpoch, as a top 50 top validation node on Radix's main network, has been successfully migrated to Titan.


Project Introduction: Fansland aims to build the world's first and largest Web3 fan economy platform. We will bring billions of fans to Web3 through various initiatives, including the world's first Web3 music festival, NFT ticketing, fan tokens, AI virtual idol accompaniment, and more!

Testnet Goals:
Forging The Future Of The Titan Network

Network Expansion

Goal to absorb 10,000 idle devices to realize network scale-up and performance improvement.

Technical Excellence

Ensure that resource validation and anti-cheating mechanisms are efficient and accurate by validating and debugging the system.

Developer Co-Creation

Motivate the developer community to participate, collect feedback, and work together to optimize Titan Network's structure and functionality.

Business Development

Seek to establish cooperation with 100 potential paying customers in AIGC, GameFi, Metaverse, etc. to expand the scope of commercial applications.

Global Expansion

Expand the network to more countries and regions to achieve wider coverage and reach.

Common Questions

1. About Huygens Testnet
2. What is the Titan Network?
3. Who buys the resources you sell on Titan?
4. Does running a Titan node violate the ISP's terms of service?
5. Can I open multiple accounts under the same IP address to earn more?
6. How can I be sure that my personal information is protected when I use Titan?
7. Where can I run Titan Network programs?


You are encouraged to share suggestions or report issues in our Telegram group. Your insight is highly valued, and we support your involvement by rewarding constructive suggestions with airdrops. Stay updated with the latest news through our email communications!